Elisabeth is amazing!! She transformed my one bedroom apartment into a totally new place…I had to run out for a bit and when I came back my whole apartment was changed! I had a large chair that I was going to part with, as I didn’t think it would work in this space, well Elisabeth thought differently. She knew right away what to do with it. She single-handedly rearranged my bedroom and created a reading nook using the chair… I was shocked and so pleased! I LOVE my bedroom and I never would have thought to change it up the way Elisabeth did! Can’t wait to use her again at my NEW house! 
It’s very difficult for me to put together or organize a new room, especially an office – I don’t have a “vision” of what is should look like. Elisabeth listened to my needs and created a vision that worked perfectly. I love the way my office feels and I have plenty of space to keep it clean and organized. 
 I think what makes Yourganized unique, is that Elisabeth is willing to go beyond tackling cabinets and closets to help her clients discover the reasons why there may be clutter in their lives. If you’re open to it, this exploration can so liberating. Not only does your space end up more functional and beautiful than you ever dreamed possible, but you can come away with tools for living and working lighter! 
The most valuable home improvement you can make is investing in good solid organization. Yourganized has helped my family maintain an efficient, clutter-free, healthy and happy lifestyle. 
Yourganized has saved my marriage. All kidding aside, they are easy to work with, honest, reliable and efficient. I wouldn’t trust just anyone to help me sort my personal and professional possessions, but Yourganized has always made me feel comfortable. Their approach is practical, utilizing and incorporating elements that already exist in your home or office. It’s a win-win for everyone. 
I recently moved and felt very overwhelmed by placement of furniture, purchases that were necessary and the overall responsibility of putting a new house together. With Elisabeth’s help, I was able to focus on the priorities and build a warm, new home for my family with minimal stress. She easily guided me on furniture selection and placement. I saved so much time and money by having her utilize existing pieces that I never would have used. She was able to assess what I had and what I needed with a definitive eye. By assisting in prioritizing our needs, she got us organized and efficient in a very short period of time. If it were not for Elisabeth, I would still be in a sea of boxes, trying to figure out what to do next. 
I am a professional chef, living with a small kitchen at home. I was using an open metal shelving unit for all my extra supplies and was planning to replace it with Elfa shelving. I contacted Elisabeth because I know she is an Elfa expert. After meeting with me, getting to know me and discussing my goals, Elisabeth suggested that I might be happier with an antique cabinet. She went with me to an antique fair and found one that was perfect. She worked with me in the kitchen, went through every item to learn how it was used and how often it was used. With minimal purging she reorganized my entire kitchen and staged the antique cabinet to display my most prized pieces. My cookware is so much more easily accessible than it was before, the piece looks so amazing in my kitchen everyone who visits comments on it, and she worked overtime a few days before Thanksgiving to make sure it was all ready for my big family dinner. She listened to everything I said was important to me and delivered a kitchen that is perfect for me!  

Yourganized applies well-planned methodologies to working within the confines of unusual spaces. No usable space is wasted. The result is a beautiful, harmonious structured place to store your life.