Certified Professional Organizer®

Getting organized is one thing. Maintaining an organized and functional space is another. We’ll work together to assess your needs and develop a solution that’s right for your lifestyle. As a Certified Professional Organizer I help my clients make their lives easier by minimizing stuff that is not important to them, and implementing systems to manage the things that are important to them. This may involve sorting and editing stuff, rearranging how things are stored, recommending organizing tools and containers that will make your life easier or even designing new closets. My Home Staging and Feng Shui expertise support your organizing project by drawing on my visual aesthetic for the final look and my knowledge of energy flow to ensure that the changes we make will improve the energy in your home and life. 



Accredited Staging Professional®

It’s a fact—well-staged homes sell faster and for more money than comparable unstaged homes. Whether your home is occupied or vacant, I can help you maximize its potential, and minimize your stress. For the occupied home we will edit and rearrange existing furniture and accessories to ensure the buyer focuses on what’s for sale – the space.  We’ll ensure that the eye is drawn toward the best features of your home. For the vacant home we will select furnishings that create a warm, welcoming and appropriate environment for the type of dwelling for sale. I maintain an inventory of beautiful and unique art and accessories that are available for creating just the right look.  My experience as an organizer enhances my staging ability by helping the homeowner prepare and pre-pack in an orderly fashion. We don’t dump unwanted items in boxes not to be seen again until they are opened at your new home.  My Feng Shui knowledge enhances your home staging project by ensuring that the final product has the right energy balance thru careful use of color and textiles for showings. 



Feng Shui Practitioner

Geared to foster health and harmony in your environment, the science of Feng Shui is a wonderful layer that guides us to organization and design decisions that support your well being and the energy you wish to draw into your life. I began studying Feng Shui early in my organizing career after reading about the energy effects of clutter. I wanted to be certain that I wasn’t making any recommendations to organizing clients that might solve a storage solution, but create an energetic issue. I do occasional Feng Shui consultations but I primarily use this knowledge base to support my organizing, space planning and staging clients. My organizing expertise supports my Feng Shui clients by allowing me to make recommendations when the primary energy issue is clutter.