Getting started is simple.

Just call me. Or email me. We’ll chat about how things are now, and how you would like them to be. We’ll set up a time to meet face to face and so I can see and feel your space. Then, I’ll put a plan together to get you where you want to be.


I will meet with all prospective clients before offering advice or working with you.

This is extremely important to me. Working in your space is a very personal endeavor and I want to meet you, and you to meet me before we agree to work together as a team. I will ask for a tour of your space and with your permission, take notes and possibly photographs. There is no charge for this first step in our relationship.

I will provide investment information before I being working with you.

All organizing projects are dependent upon how quickly we work together but after 8 years of working with clients I am pretty good about estimating time. I commit to giving my clients an estimate before beginning any project.

I will keep all information you share with me confidential.

I am passionate about client confidentiality. We may be discussing or working with personal information. Anything we discuss will remain private.

I will provide my credentials to all clients.

I have worked diligently to achieve certifications and credentials that assure you I am a professional. I will share these with you before we begin working together.

I will not “make” you throw anything away.

Based on our discussion about your goals I will offer advice and counsel but it will always be your decision.

I will offer you my best advice about donations, respect your requests and take whatever fits in my car with me.

Some organizers and stagers charge for this service. I do not feel my job is complete unless I do what I can to take this off your plate. I will share ideas with you about donating items to organizations that you support.

I will not offer services that are beyond the scope of my ability.

I will never tell you I can do something that I cannot do. If we need the resources of another professional, whether that is a contractor, a mover or a computer expert I will recommend someone for that portion of the project.

I will always recommend the best product for the need.

I do not sell any products, or make any commissions off of products. Although I am on a first-name basis with the team at The Container Store, I research organizing products through many vendors and I will always offer you my best recommendation for any products you need.



“The most valuable home improvement you can make is investing in good solid organization. Yourganized has helped my family maintain an efficient, clutter-free, healthy and happy lifestyle.”